Hi all, I have tried iATKOS v2 but met with alot of failure, the closest I have gone is hearing music in the background on a black screen and hearing voice over command. So I got fed up and I am now using iboot + Multibeast from tonymacx86.

I boot up iboot, eject the disk, put in downloaded version of OS X 10.6 Retail Snow Leopard (from pirate bay) into my disk drive, press F5, enter Mac OS X Installation, complete installation, wait for automatic restart, take out Install DVD, put in iboot, and click on the new installed mac OS X, I am now stuck on the gray apple screen with a darker apple logo for hours and hours...

Please help I am lost! Do I need to buy a retail OS X SL DVD from apple retail store ($30) ? or is there a way it CAN be done without buying the retail DVD ?

Thanks for all your help !