Hey there!

I tried to install ATKOS V7 on my Sony VGN-FW41M, but it didnt work at all. I have Win7 installed on C:. I made a partition for OSX and installed it simply.. After install I had several boot problems. Like chain problems and stuff like that. Then i used a linux based boot cd for choosing the operating system on ur laptop/pc. Then I choosed the MAC partition (which i formated with an other tool to hfs+ bye the way...)to boot. A screen appeared with the apple logo on it and it began to load on the botom of the screen. Then a grey screen appeared with those little pixel errors (http://img508.imageshack.us/img508/7312/fotoyw.jpg) and nothing happened after. How can I fix this problem and why is there no darwin bootloader on ATKOS V7?

Thanks for helping..