(This was my post posted originally at infinitemac.com)

Hi, my name is Nick, and I've got this little problem.
I've been trying to install this for quite a while now, and have over come many problems. I'm slowing getting there, but have finally hit a brick wall, and can't seem to get it down without a little bit of help. I hardly ever post in forums, I use google more then I do anything else, so please dont flame me about "using google before asking stupid questions, blah blah." lol. But anyways, without further ado, the aspects of my problem.

As stated before, after overcoming many feats, I've finally have a partition of 100gb formatted with Disk Utility to Mac OS Expanded (Journaled), used chameleon v2, excepted the terms, blahdy blah, tried no customizing, hanged at grey apple. Tried selecting what I thought may be some of the right customizations, hanged at good ole grey apple again. Now, most would ask me at this point to go to verbose, or to safe mode. Tried, and still hangs at the same spot. But something that kind of interest me, is that when in verbose, the terminal opens, loading garbage goes flying by, then the screen flicks to the grey apple (with no loading dial btw, ever), without showing me any error. I've tried a variety of different parameters to try to get it to stay in verbose and announce the error, but it wont. That should be everything, if you have any questions or you felt I left something out, please let me know. Also, here are all the specs I can offer on my machine, taken from cpu-z. Oh oh, and my system is slightly overclocked, hope that doesnt matter.

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 550 3.40GHz (OCed to 3.75GHz) Socket 775 LGA
Core Voltage: 1.424v
Core Speed Peak 3784 MHz Mutli x 14.0
Bus Speed 220

Manufacturer: Shuttle Inc
Model FB77V10
Chipset: Intel i875P
Southbridge: Intel 82801EB (ICH5)

Brand: Phoenix Technologies
Version 6.00 PG
Date: 09/27/2004

Type: DDR
Channels: Dual
Size: 2048 MB
DRAM Freq: 146.9
CAS Latency: 2.5

ATI Radeon HD 4650
Clock Core 600 MHz
Clock Memory 400 MHz
Size 1024 MB

Sata 500GB

That is about it, a few other things that may not matter, but might as well say, I use Sakar Wireless Keyboard that works through out the whole installations and boot process, and a USB mouse. I dont have any alternatives. The computer also has blue ray player (SATA), which loads the dvd just fine.

Other info:
I've read a few times that one should switch SATA from IDE to ACHI, but... I dont have that option, only to switch from IDE to RAID.

Thanks for all of your future help. I hope I've provide sufficient information for us to come to a conclusion.