Best all,
I'm trying to install iAtkos S3_V2 on my computer which has a SATA DVD drive, a SATA hdd drive and a IDE hdd drive, a VIA FW card and a ATI5770.

Booting iAtkos V7 works fine (didn't try installing it). But when trying to install S3_V2 i get this error... still waiting for root device. Bios is set to AHCI

What can i do about this?

Also, when trying to install with iBoot, none of the disks (nvidea, ati, supported) want to boot! I directly get the error 'take a picture of this screen blablabla...' it just doesn't want to load anything.

I've had iAtkos earlier on this PC, but i would like snow leopard.

Thanks in advance..