Hello everyone ..

i will start off saying i have a little bit knowledge with Osx86 .. this is not my first time trying to install .. i've had it working with another computer before

Aaaand my english sucks

- Okay ..
Today i decided i want to play around with Mac on my PC again .. i tried once before with this computer without any luck ..

My setup looks like this:
Asus P5B
4GB PC6400 Ram
8800GTS 640mb
160Gb WD 7200Rpm

i've burned down my copy of iaktos S3_V2 and booted the dvd up ..

This is what i ended up with:
2010 07 31 14 14 47 jpg

Can anyone tell me why it does that??

I've tried almost everything with jMacron, Achi, sata, Memory Remap and stuff ..

Any help would be appreciatet