So I really don't know as much as I probably should to undertake a project like this But I am extremely interested dual booting windows 7 and Snow Leopard on to my computer. If anyone is able to help this would be greatly appreciated.

1) the first thing I am unsure about is the hardware in my laptop. I have a Sony vaio (vpccw21fd) with an
- intel i3 processor
- 4096mb ram
- NVIDIA GeForce 310M
- am unaware of what my other components are (sorry)

2)if hardware is not an issue I don't really know the exact steps to get this to work. I understand the basic idea but have never worked with boot loaders or bios or anything like that.

3) what would I do for drivers for my pc I'm guessing I would need to download new ones for snow leopard to work with them

If any body could tell me what I need to do or point me in a direction to make this easier it would be greatly appreciated.