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    Default [SOLVED] HP NC6400 + Intel T7200 + Dual Core fix

    Hi to all, I'm asking you an help to fix this behaviour on my NC6400.

    My PC is NC6400 (intel graphics version), 4GB RAM, 250GB SATA and Intel T7200 @2.0Ghz. I have installed iATKOS S3 v2 (I have written this HCL 10.6.3/Portables - OSx86 guide) and it's working really fine (only Card reader and PCMCIA not working!!!) except for the CPU. In other words when I boot with cpus=1 all works fine but without speedstep and the CPU temperature is really hot (70 C in idle condition!!!). So I began to search all over the web to fix this and I was able to start with dual core enabled following xristos method here InsanelyMac Forum > How to get both cores working?. When I'm able to start with Dual Core the CPUs temperature are OK (as in Windows or Linux) and speedstep works great (checked using CoolBook). My problem is that I can boot fine only one time every six or seven attemps. The rest is always KP about CPUs timeout calling interruptes or "failed to start CPU1".
    So I tried to exchange the Intel CPU T7200 with an old T5500 and ....... it works great every boot!!!
    For that reason I think that the behaviour it's not related to my kexts but more to DSDT. The macro difference between T7200 and T5500 is the VT-x extension.
    So I found this Ноƒ‚бƒки HP на 945 ‡ипе. - AppleLife thread of the great XPbIM3 that explain a specific fix for T7200 CPU. I don't understand one word in russian (for that, thanks to google translation wink.gif ), anyway I tried to apply the fix to my DSDT but without success.
    Maybe I'm doing something wrong, I would like to ask to hackint0sh's boys to help me .... I'm going crazy .....

    In other words XRISTOS fix changes the line (in my DSDT number 46) from 0x3D to 0x46

              Method (INI, 0, NotSerialized)
                          If (LAnd (And (\_SB.C007, 0x01000000), LEqual (C008 (), 0x04)))
                              \_SB.ISMI (0x3D, Zero, Zero, Zero)

                Method (INI, 0, NotSerialized)
                            If (LAnd (And (\_SB.C007, 0x01000000), LEqual (C008 (), 0x04)))
                                \_SB.ISMI (0x46, Zero, Zero, Zero)
    and then add ISMI (0x46, Zero, Zero, Zero) after line 269 (in my DSDT):

        Method (_SB._INI, 0, NotSerialized)
               \C008 ()
               C01B ()
               ISMI (0x46, Zero, Zero, Zero)
    After that fix I can boot cpus=2 one time every six or seven attemps. When it start fine I have no problems or KP or something bad. CPU's temperature seems ok (49/50 C in idle status) and speedstep works fine.
    P.S. Naturally I just fixed the HPET in DSDT for the irqs.

    XPbIM3 fix instead, reports to add only one line _WAK (0x03) in the Method (_SB._INI,..) section so i replaced ISMI (0x46, Zero, Zero, Zero) with _WAK (0x03) on line 270. Then I have checked the presence of:

                        If (LEqual (Arg0, 0x03))
                       \_SB.ISMI (0x46, Zero, Zero, Zero)
    and I found it on line 13368.
    Searching about 'If (LEqual (Arg0, 0x03))', I have found it several times (lines: 1059, 1098, 2769, 3654, 3700, 3769,3824, 3850 etc etc etc). Which one is correct?
    Finally XPbIM3 doesn't speak about to modify the value 0x3D in 0x46 on CPU section. I tried both values (0x3D and 0x46) but without success. I've never been able to boot using this fix. Only with cpus=1.

    OS: Snow Leopard 10.6.7
    Kernel: Darwin 10.7.0
    Bootloader: Chameleon 2.0 RC5 ver. 832

    Some kext that I have installed:
    - FakeSMC ver 2.5
    - VoodooMINI
    - Voodoobattery
    - VoodooHDA
    - VoodooPS2 0.98
    - VoodooTsync
    - Disabler
    - EvOreboot
    - Natit

    I removed AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext and AppleIntelCPUPowerManagementClient.kext (both version: 105.13.0). Maybe I need these kexts o newer version (146.x.x) ? If yes, have I to remove disabler?

    I hope someone here could help me and other hp's owner

    Thank you very much


    UPDATED 30 AUGUST 2011!!!!

    At the end I think to have found one way to resolve this and other issues for this great (my opinion) notebook. Dual Core fix at 100%

    have a look to my definitive "mini guide" [MiniGuide] SL 10.6.7 on HP NC6400 & NC4400 - InsanelyMac Forum

    please post a feedback and feel free to add any observation

    my 2 cents
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