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Discuss HP Mini 1000 Ideneb v1.3 Setup Help at the Installation -; Hey all, Long time reader first time poster! I am having a problem turning my ...
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    Default HP Mini 1000 Ideneb v1.3 Setup Help

    Hey all,

    Long time reader first time poster!

    I am having a problem turning my hp mini 1000 into a hackintosh and I will try and give you as much detail in the hope someone may be able to see what I am doing wrong and advise.

    I am following this handy guide:

    I downloaded Ideneb v1.3.iso
    I used DDMAC to copy it from my Windows 7 machine to a USB drive
    I load up the hp mini and it boots (I can see any of the buttons but using tab sorts that out)
    I select the packages it suggests and continue with the installation, everything does what it should do and eventually I get the installation complete message.

    Here is where things go a little wrong:

    On restart I get a message saying that the setup cannot continue on the following screen. On advice from google I hit the restart instead of hitting ok and do the next step (-s)

    This seems to work and I go into the OS with root and create my own admin account.

    This is where my stopping block comes. The instructions say to go to uinstall. I cannot find uinstall anywhere, I have tried looking on the usb drive the hard drive even unhiding all hidden files through terminal and I still cannot find it.

    I have reinstalled countless times and I have even tried installing all the application packages through customize. Still nothing.

    One thing I did notice is the ISO of ideneb I installed has a different checksum to that of the word file included in the word file. I am re-downloading from a different source to make sure this isn't a problem

    TL;DR: When I install Ideneb v1.3 I can't find uinstall, probably for noobish reasons

    Any help would be appreciated on this
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    I just install Iportable Snow Leopard om my HP mini 110. I now have to get audio ,lan ,wifi working.



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