I am new to the hackintosh groups. I have tried different ISO's in the past with no luck, but really didn't dig deep. I did get Rebel EFI and loaded it on my HP m9252p and got it working well except I have no sound. The program said that my realtek sound card passed the working test, but 10.6 will not see it. Can you guys give me some help with this please? Also this is my main system and would prefer to keep it runing my Win7 setup. Right now I just have another HD I swap out during the learning/testing phase. I also have 2 more HP M8100N's and 1 HP M8300F, HP DV9000z laptop, HP S3321p slimline. These all have AMD's on them, but I would prefer to make any one of these the hackintosh. Can someone get me started, again, thanks for any information.

Mac (That is my name BTW, LOL)