Hi i'm new here iv literally just registered, found this website while endlessly searching for a solution or an explanation. This is a really confusing problem as it seems to me like the os x install disc i have is corrupt but i know for a fact it isnt.

Alright so basically i'v been trying to set up a dual boot on my PC (not this one) with Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Windows 7 (going to put Ubuntu and XP on there too if I can sort this first). Quick specs of my pc not that they matter (nothing amazing but she runs like a dream)

Processor - AMD Athlon x2 7550 Dual Core, 2.5Ghz
Hard Drive - 1TB split into 4x250GB partitions (Seagate I think? not important tho)
Graphics Card - ATI Radeon HD5450
Motherboard - ECS 6100PM-M2

They aren't important, you can ignore them if you like everything with that is fine although i'm sure someone will tell me OS X doesn't support AMD (well when I boot into Mac and check my settings it thinks its an Intel lol) Anyways, I used Nawcom to get MY PC booting into the Snow Leopard install that I burned to a dual layer disk with TransMac, EVERYTHING works fine although during preboot I did get like half a million warnings.

However, a friend of mine wanted me to set it up on this laptop that im on now i'm not too sure of the specs but what I know is as follows:

Friends Laptop:
HP G62 105SA (we are pretty sure its the 105SA)with Insyde Bios F.37
Processor - Intel Core i3 dual core
RAM - 4GB (DDR3 I think?)
Hard Drive - 320GB split into 2 partitions, 50GB for Mac the rest for Windows

I've tried pretty much every bootloader I have found, Nawcom doesn't work at all (just boots straight to Windows) UNLESS I disable the Virtualization in his BIOS, then it will do the same as EFI. iBoot just straight up don't works, boots straight to Windows reguardless of Virtualization settings. I've tried Varios different versions of EFI, the bootloader runs but as soon as I change to the Mac install DVD it starts runnings lines of code then flashes the little lizard on the grey screen and reboots in a split second, Nawcom does that too when I disable virtualization but it just flashes I dont see a lizard lol. iATKOS (i probably spelled that wrong) doesn't do anything, I get a little flashing underscore on the top left of a black screen for a couple seconds before it decides it wants windows back and proceeds to boot into it. I've also tried various versions of Mac OS X Install CD including Lion! but still nothing I even (quite stupidly) tried darwin_snow (a VMWare bootloader) and that seemed to be getting somewhere with the lines of code spreading down the screen until it paused at 'Disabling the CPU' and i thought the best thing to do was probably hold down the power button until it turns off lol

Iv tried to set it up on a VM on his laptop and that works fine with every bootloader and I don't get a Disabling the CPU error with darwin_snow (odd lol)

If you have been struggling to follow so far i'll breifly recap, the only install CD i've found that works will only let you install if you processor is incompatible so it can give you a million different warnings and pretend you have an Intel processor rather than AMD.

Please if anyone can think of a way to sort this and get the Mac install to run so I can get this bag of crap out of my house and focus on getting MY PC to Quad boot, or even if someone could give me an explaination as to why it runs with an unsupported processor but not with a supported one i'd be very greatful. If I can find out whats wrong with it I can either tell him "mate ur lappy is shit go buy an AMD powered one and I can do it" or find a work-around and tell him "congratulations heres ur weird Mac-hating laptop that now has Mac on it, enjoy"

If you need any more information, pictures of OS X running (including my dodgey AMD that thinks its Intel lol) or if you want me to video record what happens and upload it to youtube just let me know i'll try to be as much help as I can if you do the same, but if you just want to say im talking poo and its the AMD with install problems you will get video evidence and badly flamed for being a nub lol

Sorry about this being so long winded I tried to throw in a little humour so you don't get bored reading (sorry if it offends you, ignore it im tired frustrated and I want my AMD back :'( lol) I hope with the vast amount of genius minds that im sure are on here somewhere *looks around promisingly * we can get this working and greatly improve my knowledge of hackintosh thanks in advance.