I'm trying to install OSX on my pc now for 3days and i'm near giving it up.
I can't find a CLEAR, RECENT topic on how to install OSX.

I was hoping you guys could help me a bit, or can send me a video tutorial
or text tutorial. A working tutorial....

My questions are,
What version of OSX exactly do i need, have downloaded hunderds of em,
but i dont know which one i need.... Do i need one from iPC or a retail version.
What files are on the original dvd of OSX so i can compare it with my downloads.

How do i install the software?
I read that i had to remove 1 video card and 8gig of ram so i have 4gb ram and 1 card
during the installation. Ive done that, but didn't saw any difference... I follow the tutorial
Iboot + Multi beast, found here;
tonymacx86 Blog: iBoot + MultiBeast: Install Mac OS X on any Intel-based PC

That tutorial is UNCLEAR, its like chinese. They never explain why i would need iboot and multibeast,
due that i have no idea what the programs are for an how they work...

If anyone could explain how i install it i would be very happy, because i dream about
having a hackintosh . But try to explain it like you are explaining it to a 10year old.
Because i'm new in the mac world.

My hardware:
mobo; ASUS p6x58d-e
cpu; Intel Core i7 950
gpu ASUS nVidia 560GTX TOP x2(SLI)
12GB Corsair RAM 1333mhz
boot drive is a Corsair Force GT SSD 120GB sata 3 6gbps

Thanks in advance,