okay so far i have snow leopard iatkos burned to a disk i have separated my partitions (thats about it) , now idk if i need to do more stuff like download drivers before i start the installation or if my laptop even is eligible to run this so any help would be greatly appreciated... so as i said before burned it and separated partitions now when i boot it from disk and push f8 and then all the little icons pop up showing my partitions nd stuff but when i hover over the iatkos icon/pic and push -v and hit enter about 15 lines of random text pop up on the left side of the screen and then the apple logo pops up for about 1 sec then it resets my computer again , like back to the dell logo with the words press f2 and press f12 and thats it nothing happens , can someone help like theres no usefull video on youtube like everyone has there gay instrumental music playin wobbling there cameras all over the place...

my laptop is a dell insprion
i3 processor
320gb hdd
4gb ram
windows 7