Ok so i f***** up pretty bad i think so here it goes.

I am a huge noob to this stuff nd i dont have much knowledge on this kind of stuff. I have a Hackint0sh that a dude gave us that he built himself, running and all for payment for studio time with my brother. We gladly took it because its a bitchin' setup and blazingly fast. This was about 2 n a half years ago. We haven't seen or heard from the guy since and we haven't worked on it for a long while so we stored it for a while.
So today my brother brings it out because one of the clients want to get working on a song we had used that rig to work on but guess what happens... there is a password box that my brother has no clue what it is. So he tells me to figure it out. So i go and do my reading... This is where it gets good.

I did this first:
im sure i totally screwed the system but I am hoping one of you can help me rewrite something and bring it back on. Because i ran "s***/fsck -fy" (not sure of the first part) and then it did its checking thing and said there were some files that are supposed to be there then system repaired.
then i ran "s***/mount -uw /" and it ran, and did its thing til it gave me the root# part. Now I think this is where the problem is but im not sure of anything right now. I ran this. "rm /var/db/.applesetupdone" and it said there wasnt any such file. so i was like shoot ok so what now.

I read all over and only found THIS to help me get into single user mode and reset the password.


"Boot into Single User on Darwin/x86 (Mac OSX 10.6) on VMware
Posted on August 6, 2012
I was frustrated for over an hour trying to get into single user mode on a mac which was running under vmware. Supposedly, you’re suppose to hit ⌘-S while it is booting in order to get into the rescue mode. However, this doesn’t seem to work, at least on my PC keyboard (I tried hitting Win-S and Alt-S) through VMware Workstation 8.

Instead, try:
1. Restarting the VM
2. hitting F8 while booting Darwin/x86.
3. At the boot menu, select the hard disk option (h)
4. Specify the boot parameter ‘-s’ for single user (just like linux)

That should boot you into single user mode, allowing you to reset your password amongst other things.

To reset a password:
1. umount -uw /
2. launchctl load /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.DirectoryServices.plist
3. dscl . -passwd /Users/username password – You may see an error, but it should be fine.
4. reboot

That's the page i followed.


To reset a password:
1. umount -uw / <--(It said Illegal command or operation or something of that sort)
2. launchctl load /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.DirectoryServices.plist <--(It said it was already loaded)
3. dscl . -passwd /Users/username password – You may see an error, but it should be fine. <--( it gave me an error then i rebooted)
4. reboot

BUT NOW... it launches x86, then I hit enter to launch the Macintosh OS and it starts up normal. But this is where it totally screws itself is it shows me the gray screen with the apple and the loading circle then it all goes away... changes to a completely dark gray.. then a light gray... then dark. I left it and nothing happened.. I HAVE 0 IDEA WHAT TO DO FROM HERE!


TO CLARIFY: It WAS working , but now it is NOT!