Hey, Im new to all this, but can I install Mac OS X Snow Leopard (At least 10.6.4) on my pc?

My Specs
Rig: HP G62 134CA
CPU: Core i3 330m
GPU: Intel HD (GMA)
RAM: 4gb DDR3 1066
HDD: 500gb
Drive: DVD 8x Double Layer
FSB: Intel QPI 133mhz
North Bridge: 45nm Intel Ironlake-M IMC (Revision 02)
South Bridge: Unkown
Network: Atheros AR9285 Adapter

Things you should know, I have no setting in my bios to select AHCI mode, and cannot find the information on whether or not I am already in this mode. My bios type is Insyde F.07

Thanks for the help, if you could just let me know whether or not a hackintosh is possible on my system or not, and if so, how can it be accomplished. Thanks a lot for the help