Hi guys Im starting to get curious on beginning my first Hackintosh. im on the verge of reading about it but haven't got a clue yet. so i will need a lot of tips and pointers.

Going to be plotting it on a:

HP Tablet Touchsmart TM2T 1100

Win 7 ultimate

intel core™ i5 CPU U 430 @1.20ghZ 1.2gHZ

Ram: 8 GB

64 Bit

Currently stuck.!!!

I have 2 MAC OSX Disc

-Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.8 for Intel and AMD (ISO)
-Mac.OSX.Snow.Leopard.v10.6.3 (Came in DMG. file But i used Power ISO to covert to ISO. Had to burn image with a 8.5gb DVD+R DL )

&& also iATKOS v7

-Empire EFI 1.08
-Easy Efi v2.0

Situation: In boot mode the both the Empire Efi and the Easy Efi Loads and takes me to the Disc changing screen but it wont go any further. The first time i thought it was the efi Disc thats not working but that didnt seem to be the case.

2nd: so i thought it was the MAC OSX disc but when boot Singly it take be to boot screen also where i can type the (-v) but then it would just goes into normal window start up.

Is there something i have to do in BIOS?

i have been at this for a week now. ): Its also finals week and im busy trying to get my laptop to turn into a hackintosh haha