Guys, i feel ashame to say this am a Apple die-hard fan i got loads of Apple related stuff including MAC Os too...since past 2 weeks am trying to install Snow Leopard on My PC but my hard work pays only pain no success....

I tried out all types of AMD related installation process but then i coudn't come up with luck.

My Specs are:

AMD phenom II X2 550 3.1Ghz
2GB RAM, ATI chipset.
BioStar 785G Mother Board
In-built graphics, no external graphic card.
PS/2 keyboard and mouse.
CRT 15' Monitor

AHCI enabled but then no luck!!
I can run with that same specs in virtual box, i tried with USB installation process too but it get stucked every time and when i tried various distro's like iDeneb no input and Hard disk get detected.....

If anything else i need to mention then please let me know...yea i tried AMD kexts too and i bought a snow leopard CD too jus for a PC...i need this very me out!!


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