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Discuss Help with my HP Pavilion Dv6500 notebook PC at the Installation -; Hey everyone! I've been trying to install Mac OS on my laptop for awhile now ...
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    Default Help with my HP Pavilion Dv6500 notebook PC

    Hey everyone! I've been trying to install Mac OS on my laptop for awhile now and i was successful with the iATKOS v7 on everything except my VGA, Headphone jack & SD Card Slot....i decided to go back to my Win 7 because of what didnt work as well as it wasnt Snow Leopard

    i'm not incapable of doing it myself but obviously im doing something wrong or i'd be a happy Hackint0sh user

    i've downloaded other distro's of doctored Snow Leopards and not one has worked for me, i bought a copy (not the upgrade the full thing although i understand i could've used the upgrade copy) and used Empire EFI which worked but i kept messing up with the Kext Files.....either they dont work or i mess it up and it doesnt boot past the loading apple screen, so i gave up on that

    so finally i decided to give up till i had a better (more easily Convertible) Computer.....then my dream came true a new iATKOS Distro this time of Snow Leopard, happily i got this ready to install, selected all the proper drivers (or so i thought) and then the install finishes & it restarts.......after Chameleon boot it goes to the apple logo and just sits there forever!!!!! and eventually the process circle stops spinning so i assumed it locked repeated no matter how many times i rebooted

    anybody wanna give me some help?

    My Specs:

    Intel Pentium Dual Core T2310 (1.4GHtz)

    Graphics is just the Processor (965 Express Family Chipset)

    BroadCom WLAN

    Realtek Ethernet port

    Ricoh SD card reader

    Altec Lansing Speakers (which worked on the previous iATKOS but didnt on the straight SL install, i found the proper Kext file but misplaced it)

    if i'm missing anything please ask i'll look it up

    If i can get everything working that'd be great but i should mention that i once got the SD card slot working but then the USB ports didnt work anymore.....if i can at least get VGA & Headphone jack support i'll just get a usb SD Card reader

    anyways i hope someone can help me, i've seen similar models to my notebook easily and fully compatible with SL so i dont think mine is impossible...just damn hard (at least for me)

    Help would be greatly appreciated

    EDIT: it is v2, i'll be sure to check the Custom BIOS & boot with -x -v, it says its "Pentium Dual CPU 1.46GHz (2 CPUs)" direct quote from Dxdiag in win 7 P.S. Thanks, sorry for posting in the wrong section...wont happen again
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    1. Make sure your S3 is actually version 2. It's needed for your chipsets.
    2. Check your custom selections/BIOS setup.
    3. Check your CPU if it's Core 2 duo.
    4. Boot with option

    -x -v

    for possible error message.

    EDIT: I will move your thread to the correct SL installation. So do your post properly in appropriate section.
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