i've been trying to install Snow Leopard 10.6.1-10.6.2 Intel-AMD by Hazard, in my laptop. i had windows xp installed in my first partition. i had a second partition that was empty, so using disk utility from my burned dvd i formatted the second partition using the journaled format for mac, and installed SL there. installation was all ok, until it finishes. at the end of the installation, it asks me to reboot the system. after rebooting my system, i get the error "boot0: testing boot0: testing boot0: error". and now i can't even boot to my windows xp. so i burned iBoot in a cd and used it to boot my system. i was able to choose between my winxp and the previously installed snow leoapard. booted in snow leopard, it continously asks me to reboot my system. i do it over and over again, and i seem to be stuck at that part. it always tells me that i need to reboot my system.

can anyone help me with this?