First off, thanks for looking at this and sorry if its been posted before but i couldn't find it.

I'm new to this and excited to be setting up a hackintosh... I've built the memory stick and I belive set up the bios correctly according to;

Install Snow Leopard on Your Hackintosh PC, No Hacking Required - Hackintosh - Lifehacker

When i do put the stick in and boot i do get the mac logo and i do get a selction of what to load from.. i select and then i do see "darwin loading".. and the logo gif spinning etc.. but after about 20 seconds..the screen goes off and nothing after that... I get this feeling that it could be the video card because its DMI.. what can i do to get around this and get things running.. i'm excited to start.

details on my pc
-motherboard: Gigabyte ultra durable 3 GA-EX58-UD5(p) .. (not sure if its p or not)
-video card: GTX 260 PCI-E 2.0 896 MB DDR3 (using DVI) (tried using VGA but it keps on say its out of range when i use the monitor in the hackintosh install process
-12 gig RAM DDR3
-1TB Wester Digital HD

See i was thinking it was a video card issue but i think its a video card output at a point.. let me explain. when i boot with the memory stick.. i do get the apple logo (video fine), it does prompt me to instal from screen.. (as well as show me my NTFS HD and a reserve drive (not sure on that but ok).. when i select the key withOS on it it does give me the screeen where it says Darwin loading and the gif doing its spin thing.. and then after 20 seconds it goes into VDI power saver mode it looks like the sytem hangs..its still on..but not doing anything as for as i can see