Hi, I am in the process of Hackintoshing my two year old dell mini 1010 running windows XP and BIOS A03 (maybe this is the problem). After booting from my USB with snow leopard 10.6.3, I get to the point in the installation process where I am to select the hard drive for which the installation is to to be loaded to. The Mac OS X Installer doesn't show any disks to select, and when I go to use disk utility to begin partition, all that shows up is my 8 GB USB. The hard drive is recognized by BIOS and windows XP, so I am believe that it's not the hard drive or maybe I am to reformat it to work with Mac (not sure how to do that, but I'm all ears/eyes). Please someone help me figure this out!! I have looked to other threads and people similar problems and haven't found a concrete solution whatsoever.