Hello guys!
First of all I would like to say that I am new to all of this so please bare with me

Anyway my specs first:

Corsair TX750W
Cooler Master 690 II
Gigabyte X58A-UD3R
Intel Core i7 920 3.0Ghz (oc) Prolimatech MegaShadow w/ Scythe 1600rpm fan
Gigabyte GTX460 1GB SLI
6GB Mushkin 1600mhz RAM CL7
Samsung SpinPoint F3 1TB HD103SJ + 160GB Maxtor something

I am currently running Windows 7 x64 as well as Ubuntu 11.04 but I will be deleting it

My current partition setup is

So you can see that on my main 1tb HDD i have a C partition where w7, a G partition where i put my docs, music, games and everything I wouldn't want to get lost if W7 fails
Than I have the older 160gb HDD in which i have the 29 gig partition for storage, and than the remaining 2 for the Ubuntu installation

Anyway I am currently dual booting using the GNU GRUB
Which brings me to Q #1
Could I just format the entire 160GB HDD (all its partitions thus deleting Ubuntu) and not have a problem booting Windows7?

Anyway once I have (if the answer to the q above is yes ) formatted that HDD I would like to have the Mac OS on that partition

What distro would suit my PC best..iPc, iDeneb, iATKOS, a retail one, something else? Please give your thoughts

Once I have picked the distro would this be a proper procedure to get the dual boot running

1. In W7 format the 160GB HDD to FAT32, and give it a name, lets say "Snow Leopard"
2. Restart the PC, inser the MacOSX distro.
3. Boot to it.
4. Go to Disk Util and than select the 160GB HDD.
5. Erase it and than make it so it is the Extended Journaled Option
6. Install MacOSX and than when it boots restart the PC and boot w7 (if boot0 (1) error is displayed I insert the Windows 7 boot disk, go to repair and than repair the boot)
7. After Booting Windows 7 i use EasyBCD and create an entry for the MacOS
8. Restart the PC, boot MacOS, install kexts and enjoy the apple magic?

So please leave your thoughts, suggestions and answer the questions (bold)