Hello, Hackint0sh.org members!

I am having a problem with my hackintosh PC. Installing Mac OS X is not the problem, its actually running it. It will go to the screen where I select the operating systems ( Windows XP or Mac OS X ) , and whenever I press enter ( or try to run as single user, -v ) it wont work, it will print a line of code then everything will dissapear and my monitor will say no input. I know my computer is compatibile, here are my specs:

Intel Core 2 Processor
Radeon X1300 graphics card
2 GB ram
and SSE ( 1, 2, 3, )

I am using iDeneb 1.3, and it is all I have used so far. I am currently downloading a higher version of iDeneb ( suggestions? ) to see if that will work. Please help ASAP!

Thanks, Fugitive.