Hello. My computer is a Toshiba Satellite L650.
The CPU its an Intel Core i3
The Video Card its an AMD Graphics HD
The Sound Card its an Connexant

I'm having some troubles with it !
Everytime i boot with iBoot or Nawcom Mod CD it loads the MAC OS Retail DVD , but it always get stucks.

So i've decided to download iAtkos S3 V2 and SL Hazard 10.6.6i.
It works , but when i reach the window to select my language , i can't use my keyboard , and my mouse !!

Nothing seems to work , so i really need help.
What's the best way that works for Toshiba Satellite L650-11E ?

Btw, i'm starting all with "-v busratio=16 -x"

Another thing , check out the BIOS:

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