So, I was running win7 on a dell. Inspiron 531 with amd proc and so on. (not sure of all the details)

I set up osx snow leopard in VirtualBox, and then used that virtual machine to create a usb restore image on a usb device.

I am currently on my Cr48. (chrome os)

I have no blank cds, so cds are out of the question, and all I have disc wise is a xp disc.

When I try to boot from the usb, I get 'No boot device available' then it lists my SATA drives.

When I try to boot into windows I get Bootmgr is missing (I partitioned, stupid I know. Also, no recovery disc to fix this.)

When I try to install WinXP, I just get the BSoD.

I got nothing, nothing I have found helps. No matter where I look.
Any help is appreciated.