While I know that this may not be on the HCL, I have had some pretty good luck I getting Snow Leopard installed, Patched, and several applications installed on my Sony Vaio VGN-AW220JB. The problem I seem to be having here is with something that appears to be locking the system up and then after hard restarting causing the system to not boot.

I reinserted my “EmpireEFI” disk and the only place I can get too when attempting to boot from the hard disk is a message that states “Loaded HFS+ file” [System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist]…..my high level guess is that something is going on with the power and a lack of drivers or system files associated with the power is damaging the system…..am I on point here?

Anyway I am extremely frustrated…as it seems as though every time I get to this point, this happens (4th build). If any of you have seen and/or assisted with this issue and can provide any feedback…it would be greatly appreciated…..

Thank you