I am a noob. However, I was able to install OSX Snow Leopard on an i7 build with and Gigabyte x58 motherboard.

So far, everything is working except one thing: my graphics card. I have an ATI HD4650 on the mobo right now, and I have tried everything I have found, and it still does not work.

So!, I have decided to just buy another graphics card. My question is, which one will help my graphics look great, and is the easiest to install and have my hackintosh recognize? If there is a graphics card out there that seems to give people the least amount of trouble, then that is the one I want. I prefer DVI over VGA if possible.

Which one do you think would work best, and easiest in my machine?

Also, if you think you can help me get my current graphics card installed and working, I will pay you $50.00 USD via PayPal. It's not a joke, I am just past my capability to get it done. Like I said, I have tried everything:

I have done this so far to help get my card installed:

- downloaded and installed EFI Studio
- downloaded and installed QE_CI
- downloaded and installed OSX Tools
- downloaded and installed Multi Beast
- downloaded and installed Kext Utility

- I have edited my boot.plist in S/ L/ E
- I have edited Kext in S/ L/ E
- I have downloaded kext that were supposed to help get my card working, and which have helped others do the same successfully (but not me :-(

So, it would be easier if I just bought a graphics card that is reasonably sure to work in my set up, or Pay someone (Like you) to help me get my current card installed correctly.

If you have a moment to reply to this post with a graphics card you think will work, please do so. If you think you can get my current (ATI HD4650) card installed, please PM me, and we'll go from there.

Thank you!

~ Diggi