Hello, my name is Luca, i am trying to install mac in my pc for 5 days.

¿What is better, Niresh or Hazard distributions?

¿Which is the diference with iatakos distributions?

I have an Amd, i try following a lot of guides for amd users and i cant install the **** mac

when i boot dvd hazard (6.8)... the pc just restart

Niresh boots good, but when i restart to boot my hdd, i cant... the fuckin "grub" doesnt works... y try to boot with a mocd based in chameleon to start my partition with mac, but i cant....

I would serve you for your help, I really want to install mac in my school because my teachers are asked to work with the project in Final Cut and then they're making him propaganda that is mac and pc maybe it sucks, I want to show you are wrong.

Sorry about my english

from already thank you very much

P.D: i have an Amd Phenom II X6 3.30 ghz
8 gb mem ram
Geforce 550gtx