HP h8qe series
Intel Core i7-970 quad-core 3.2GHz, 1.5MB L2 + 8MB shared L3 cache
1.5TB 7200 rpm SATA 3Gb/s hard drive
1GB DDR5 Radeon HD 6850
600W power supply

Will I be able to make it a hackintosh?

I finally convinced my parents to buy me a new computer. I was going to get the new imac but it is just NOT worth the money. It is not upgradable, and will probably be outdated within a year or two, although it looks hella cool.
With the similar price range I can get a better pc, with the ability to upgrade graphic cards and stuff. MY only dilemma is the OS, mac os is just soooo easy, no need for anti-virus, my macbook pro froze probably twice in 3 years, compared to my alienware which broke down the week I got it....nightmare
Anyways, please help me look over the specs to see if I can successfully install mac on this build?
And is it possible to dual boot if I install an extra harddrive?

I really really appreciate this, thank you