I installed mac os x snow leopard 10.6.3 on my Laptop
Which its hardware specification is
Lenovo G460
Thanks to God i installed mac beside Windows7-32bit and Ubuntu-11.04 at the same hard from this link
Mac , Windows7 & Ubuntu All in one HDD
It was suitable i hope it will have longlife
I used in Booting step OSX86 MODCD and all my driver works good
But there is a problem Hope not make all things about mac's dream fall down
No internet access
At network preference
Ethernet -- Self Assigned IP
i go to the man who connect internet for me, he said it takes an IP different not wright for my network
he did his best in all network prefernece
now : Ethernet -- Connected
But safari does not find any internet
i have tried all possible RealTek kexts i found but nothing works
i hope anyone respond as i was tring installing mac and fixing its error with no one support me from poeple who make the tutorials

Thanks for reading