After Nawcom updated his OSx86 Mod CD to version 032311-151021 I finally did not encounter that dreadful wrong FSB error on my AMD Phenom II X4 955/Shuttle SN78SH7 barebone, causing an instant KP.

It now boots well into the OS X installation program, but after having choosed the installation program I get the error message that the installation SL DVD might be damaged and the log file of the installation application shows the following information:

-Localhost OSInstaller [325]: PFPackage: packageWithURL - can't instantiate package: /System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg
-Localhost OSInstaller [325]: Couldn't verify Mac OS X (Server) Install Media

The installation SL DVD is not compromised at all: I reburned it again and checked it on my other system, which boots well and did not had the above error message with both the existing as well my newer burned SL DVD.

The strange thing is my Shuttle SN78SH7 system did not recognize the AMD CPU, as in my Gigabyte AMD system. The preinstall package system only detected the HDA Audio (thus enabled the Voodoo HDA driver) and the MCP 78 IDE system and repacked the found hardware. I am not sure this inability to detect the AMD CPU causes the aforementioned error messages.

I hope Nawcom is reading this message, because maybe he could explain this strange phenomena.