Hi all

I've been using my dell mini 10v OsX install happily with the normal quirks, but fine. Then one day, spinning beachball of death. Cold shut down. And now it won't start.

After the Dell screen but before the OsX startup it goes into blinking cursor on Black screen, and then eventually an endlessly repeating EBIOS error message.

(I was running 10.6.7 with the NBI 20100616212351)

Strangely, I cannot get it to boot to my install USB drive either (same EBIOS error; and yes I enabled USB legacy support).

But I CAN boot to my Ubuntu USB stick. Yay Ubuntu!!

So I was able to mount my hard drive in Ubuntu, but some of the files are either unaccessible or corrupted, mainly -it seems- files I had recently been working on, which is a bummer since those are exactly the ones that I hadn't backed up yet.

So...what I would like to do is be able to somehow repair what appears to be a hooped bootloader so that I can access my hard drive, get everything off, reformat and reinstall - maybe with iboot next time.

I ran gparted and I can see all of my partitions. I put a screenshot of what gparted sees at this link:


The options I can think of in gparted are:

1) running "check" on the first partition (the boot)
2) "manage flags" on the OsX partition (sda2)

...but I don't know what exactly I would do - i.e. if there is an appropriate flag to add, etc.

Or maybe there are other terminal commands I could try?


Any suggestions would be most appreciated