I am a Mac fan, and purchased a Dell Studio XPS 1640 with specs as follows:

C2D 2.4GHz
4GB 1066MHz RAM
PM45 Chipset
Radeon HD 3670
Slot Load Optiarc DVD Burner Drive
Incompatible WiFi
Broadcom Ethernet
1600x900 Edge-to-edge 15.5" screen
2.0MP Webcam
Backlit Keyboard
Card Reader

Now, I had a PowerBook G4 1GHz, but it was in horrible shape, so I decided to go laptop shopping. Along the way, I found this SXPS 16 for only ~$450, almost in brand new condition, with only one dent and a year of warranty left. There was no way I could pass up this opportunity, and I love this computer; it's almost Mac-quality, but so much less cheaper than a Mac. Anyways, I was wondering what distro of Leopard/Snow Leopard will work best with this laptop? Or can I just use a retail one? I'm dying without a Mac at home! I know the graphics are not really compatible, and I'll live with that, but is there any other reason it shouldn't work? Thanks in advance for any advice!