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Discuss Dual Boot Snow Leopard and XP at the Installation -; Dual BOOT Snow Leopard and XP is for those who are familiar with Mac OSX. ...
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    Dual BOOT Snow Leopard and XP is for those who are familiar with Mac OSX.
    Those who want to get the best of both worlds can follow my guide, please make sure your laptop is compatible with Snow(I am using Dell Inspiron 1525).

    There are some other complex process which i have gone through but in here i would like to post the simplest one. Also in this tutorial i assume you know how to burn ISO images on a CD/DVD.

    The requirements are-
    1. Mac OS Snow Leopard .dmg Image(10A432)
    2. A hackintosh or Apple Laptop
    3. XP cd
    4. USB pen drive(8GB or more)
    5. CDs( more than 2)

    Let us start...
    1.Get the Snow Leopard DMG which is around 6 GB( Google it use Torrent to download). Make a bootable usb from this image file, follow this Guide if you dont know how to do it..(How to Make a Bootable Snow leopard USB Stick | Tips & Tricks. now you need to crack your snow leopard usb to accept the MBR format by avoiding the dual check for GUID partition types.
    2. Patching Installation for MBR Disks ( most important step).In order for you to install or upgrade on MBR disks. You’ll have to edit a couple of things. I’ve zipped up the required patched materials here, Download it and place OSInstall.mpkg (by replacing older one) in System/Installation/Packages (Alternatively go to Next go to your USB stick (“Suppose you named it -OSX86″)or simply to make your its your System/Installation/Packages folder which is located in your USB stick). if this process gives you Kernal panic use this OSInstall.mpkg in place of the above one which i zipped for you.We’ll still have to patch another file. If you’ve done retail installation before (that is with Leopard) , you’ll just have to patch this. However with Snow Leopard , apple has included another check. Now , copy OSInstall to /Volumes/OSX86/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Install.framework/Frameworks/OSInstall.framework/Versions/A/ ) . If you can’t memorize that simply select Go from Finder and select go to folder. Copy and paste the location.
    3. Go here and Download and burn the burn this on a cd.(follow step 6 if you dont know how to burn images in MACs)
    4. Keep your XP installation CD handy. if your life goes on XP no need to format- skip 3rd step in this case, but make sure you have more than 2 partitions in this case.if not then use GPARTD or Norton Partition magic to create partitions at least 3 keeping one as FAT32. since Snow doesnt recognise NTFS. This FAT32 will be used for file transfer between Snow and XP.
    5. Install XP first and partition your HD as you wish( If Convenient create different sizes; i would like to suggest you to make 4 or 5 partitions)
    6. After this step get the iso image of GPARTD LIVE CD and burn it using ImageBurn( The Official ImgBurn Website) from XP( use website guide for how to use image burn if you are new in this business.
    7. install all your XP drivers and check it fully.
    8. Now its turn to install Snow leopard on your machine. insert the Snow USB and CD-BootSLv3wifi.iso and go for the full installation. just make sure 10 times not to erase the volume of windows XP. Follow this Guide for Snow Installation
    9. After installation of Snow leopard make sure you have installed all the required Kekts, PKGS and Chameleon(most important)
    10. Now remove the BootSLv3wifi.iso cd and place GPARTED cd which you made in step 6.
    11. Boot from it and choose 1st option, then choose english(02), you will get a series of command lines, go through them now choose (0). you are in the Gparted Software.
    12 recognize your Disk where you installed Snow Leopard, right click on that disk and go to set flag, choose boot in there.
    !3 Reboot and you are done. chameleon boot loader will show you Dual boot option and now you can log in any OS you want. But don't forget to install chameleon in your system drive of mac which is stated in Step 8-9.

    i have tried my best to simplify the installation process, any one who finds the difficulty can post their comments, also i would like to make you aware of the fact that this process may not work for different make of Laptops.
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