What are the follow of operations during a preboot and boot when starting a Hackintosh installation and installed system?

I installed a SL on a Asus P6T WS.

I'm only able to boot in 64bit if i installed SL with two USB keys (one for iBoot and the other for the Retail DVD).

My system recognizes 64 bit mode only if i edit the preboot.dmg/com.apple.boot.list with arch=x86_64 argument on my iBoot USB key.

I can't remove any of those keys then i assume my boot needs datas located on both of those supports.

I've trie to move all the iBoot USB'folder and file on the root volume but i don't really know how works the boot process.

How to copy all the files from my iBoot USB and Install Retail USB to my root volume and edit correctly the relations with the EFI, DSDT, etc?

How to do an exhaustive diagnose of the boot process?

Thank you.