These are newbie questions, some are answered somewhere, but I didn't find a short concise introduction to the field. Therefore, I would be grateful for any feedback:

Am I right, that:
  1. Partitioning
    • Macs have hardware EFI and GUID-partitioned HD, PC have BIOS and MBR-partitioned HD. One can format any recent HD using the GUID scheme?
    • How does the PC knows that the (protective) MBR of GUID partitioned HD contains "bogus" data and that he has to look at the start of the GUID table?
    • Or does the MBR of a GUID partitioned HD points to the start of the GUID partition table and the bright PC knows how to handle that - in a similar manner it interprets the conventional MBR?
    • That means: is the GUID partitioning table just another "dialect" of a partitioning table which starts at the same position as a MBR partition table and the MBR just points to that position in both techniques?
  2. Installation techniques for OSX on PC hardware

    A. We can either manipulate simulate/emulate hardware for a vanilla (plain, native, original) retail OSX
    B. we can infiltrate/patch OSX to accept standard hardware, right?
    • Installing OSX following technique A. Am I right that:
    • Software ist tricking OSX to install on a non-EFI-PC
    • Software is tricking OSX to boot into non-EFI PC using an emulating software
    • a bootloader is this tricking software,
    • how is the software mimicking hardware-EFI called?
    • GUID partitioned HD holds Startup-Software for OSX
    • kext are "drivers", "little helper" which connect specific hardware with OSX and are loaded at system start. Or are they "installed" during installation?
      Installing OSX technique B
    • don't know
    • What are EFI-methods?
  3. Varieties of software are:
    • A. Bootloader: chameleon
    • B. Post-booting master of the kexts: iBoot, Multibeas
    • Combination of A and B: Unibeast, NBI?
    • what are kext "injectors" or "kext helpers"? How do they insert kexts into OSX?
    • how do I do this if I use NBI? There ist no prompt to write anything. Apparently ther is no need as the dell mini works OOB.

Any input is appreciated