I used to have a Hackintosh on this computer, but I uninstalled it. Now, I want to reinstall it. I have tried to install hackintosh using several different distros (Snow Leopard Universal, iATKos, iPC, iDeneb). But, all attempts have failed.

I load a Hackintosh boot disc (with the -v, -f, -x boot flags) and then a get a long series of text and then my screen goes blue, then black and nothing happens. I then tried to unplug my computer's power cord and close the lid, and nothing happens; even though I left it until my laptop battery died.
However, if I plug in an external monitor into my computer, it stays in stand-by until my laptop monitor gets a black screen after the blue screen flashes. Then my external monitor gets this wallpaper:http://windowsxpstuff.files.wordpres...9/03/space.jpg And it just gets stuck there. Nothing happens.

I have a dell Inspiron 1525 and have the Intel GM965 Express Chipset.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.