so heres the scenario, tried installing osx on my p4 but graphics werent compatible, but i have now scratched the bottom of the proverbial savings barrel and have raised 5 - 600 quid to build me a custom hackintush. 500 would be preferable so i can get my audio interface and a new keyboard etc. i would also like to build one that i could just install osx retail dvd onto and would be fully compatible with updates. i been lookin but found nothin so far that takes my fancy. would also be great to find components that are all 100 percent compatible with osx too. i will be using the comp for audio work with logic and it would be really great if someone could point me in the right direction. this is probably comin across as a bit idle but its not meant like that. i have found various mobos and graphics cards etc but they arnt clear on how compatible they are and how much dog work is involved to get em to run osx. just after the best system in the price range and the most compatible