Hello everyone.

I've been interested in installing Snow Leopard on my Dell Inspiron 531 for a few years but been too scared to do it for fear of loosing everything on my it.

I will be doing a complete backup before i try this though.

Heres what i ant to do. I've read that it's possible to get it up and running on this pc with a bit of difficulty, but i'd still like to give it a try.

Firstly, anyone on here achieved it on a Dell Inspiron 531?

Secondly. My plan is to get a USB external hard drive and install Snow Leopard to it, keeping my windows installation on the original hard drive and not touching that one at all. Then having the option on boot up of the computer to choose which platform i want to boot in to. Is this possible?

If anyone needs more information then please let me know.

Initial information that i know without being at the computer is it's got an AMD Athlon 2.6GHz processor in it. Is this a problem?

My brother in law has just setup a Hackintosh, so he will be helping me to do it but i thought I'd ask this forum for some initial help to get us started.


Any help at all, however small will be greatly appreciated.