Ok hardware to start off with:

Im a pc and im running w7

Mobo - Asus p5q turbo motherboard (its a p45)
Cpu- Intel Quad Core q6600
Graphics - Gtx 260

I first downloaded Empire Efi (the latest version), burnt it to a disk. It works btw, i have rebooted and tryed a disk and it works.

Next i downloaded the retail version of Mac Os X sNow leopard from IPTorrents.
It is one of the latest versions.

It was a DMG file, i burnt the Dmg file to a dvd using a special type of software.

So i booted the empire efi, then put in the mac install cd, then it started loading etc and it just stoped and i got some errors and ive searched for them and dont know what they mean or how to fix them. Please can i get some help?