Hi everyone,

I have a problem with my sound

When I was with the FA bios, my hack worked perfectly.
But I had no management cpu (my cpu was at 50 ° in idle).
So I installed the FB bios with a custom DSDT (with p-states and c-states).
Now my cpu is at 34° in idle.
But I have lots of clicks and pops.
I made a video to show you.
You'll hear a break in the sound every 0.5 seconds.

YouTube - Problème son.MOV

I tried many kexts. (VoodoHda, Azaalia, AppleHDA ,...)
The only ones that work are Legacy889 and HDAenabler.

I tried changing the SMBIOS.plist.
And I also tried using dontpop.app
These two solutions don't work for me.

my setup is:
-Core i7 950
-Gigabyte x58a-d3r (rev 2,0) (bios fb)
-hd 5770

I took some screen of my system.

Thank you,
Goog Night.

Ps: I'm sorry for my bad English but no French can help me.