Ok so I have a snow Leopard partition. A Windows 7 partition and a Backup partition. I want to hide the backup partition from the chameleon bootloader because it does not contain an operating system. It has files that both Snow Leopard and Windows 7 can access through Computer, or for the mac Finder.

So basically I want to hide the backup partition from the chameleon bootloader, but still access it from Windows 7 and Snow Leopard. The partition format is FAT32.

If the above can't be done can I rename the FAT32 partition from Windows FAT32 to something else. I can do it with a NTFS partition, but not FAT32.

If all the above fails if I set the partition to a non bootable partition will it show on the chameleon bootloader. And will I still be able to read, write and view the partition on Computer for Windows 7 and Finder for Mac? If so how can I set the partition as non bootable?

P.S. I would prefer to do the first option: Hiding the partition from JUST the Chameleon bootloader. Nothing else. And could I do this on Windows. If there is a program to do so (that is free) please tell me.

If I have to use command prompt can you guide me through the steps. I am not very good with command prompt at all.

Any help appreciated! Thanks..