About a week ago I became interested in Hackintosh and after successfully installing Snow on Virtualbox, I wanted to try it on my actually computer. I created a 40GB partition on my laptop's main drive to install the OS on, but trying Hazard's distribution (or whatever you would like to call it) and Kalyway both gave me a message that tells me that my computer is not Intel-based or something (it flashes for a second so I can't read it exactly, but I know it is complaining that I don't have an Intel something-or-other).

I have a Gateway NV53 with 4GB RAM, and an AMD Athlon II Dual-Core M300. I have tried booting to the OSX CDs both alone and through iBoot; also, I have an actual Snow (or it may just be Leopard) disk, I believe, that also does not work when booted alone.

Any ideas? I'm sorry I don't have a lot of information to provide other than some of my computer specs.

Thanks a lot!