Hi Guys,
Im very new to the OSX86 scene....
I just successfully installed Snow Leopard on my PC.
I was trying to find out which hardware was the best and i got
my hands on an ASUS p5k Deluxe Wifi mobo and everything is working great.
I only have 1 problem.... my computer is connected using wireless internet.
I have a built in wifi with realtek chipset and a wg111v2 netgear.
Both of them have drivers and has known to be working on snow but only
on 32Bit... My os boots into 64bit and i cant change it.
I tried to use -v arch=i386 in the boot loader but it's showing me a bunch
of errors and it wont but in... I also tried using some kernelswitch applications
and holding "3" and "2" at the same time while booting but none of those methods seem to work... I can always go down to 10.5 but snow is really cool,, and i already spent so much time to get the rest of the drivers working and all my apps in place... somebody have an idea on how to boot it up in 32bit and if it's even possible ?? i dont really now which installation i got my hands on but i know for a fact the the boot loader is chameleon....
any ideas ?