Hi all,

I finally got my Alienware m11x r2 working with Snow Leopard 10.6.3 (if I update its imposible to acces the system again). At least I have sound, trackpad and USBs working...

My goal now is to install Final Cut and make it run, but Studio 3 (Final Cut Pro 7) seems not to work. I get a message at the begining of installation telling that I need:
-A video card compatible with Quartz Extreme
-128MB of VRAM (it tell me I have 0).
-A resolution of 1280x800 (mine is 1024x768).

I think this all is because it does not recognise the Nvidia GT 335M video card and as we know, its impossible to get it working now.

My question is that if you know any thing I can do to jump that warning and intall it normally, or if you know any version of Final Cut I can install to use in my m11x...

Thank you!