hi there! this is my first post here and i'm an big fan of the mac system but to poor (lol) to buy one. i recently bought a new pc just becouse i had to for school.

this is my setup:
Monitor:Benq g2222hdl Senseye
Motherboard : AsRock 970 Extreme 4
CPU : AMD AM3+ black edition 3.3 GHZ Hexacore
Videocard : AMD Radeon HD 6670
Harddisk : Western Digital 320GB (an old one) thats still empty)

wifi USB : Airlive WN-250USB ( the box says its compatible with mac osx but i cant find proper . drivers for it

if you want to have more info please ask! i really want this to work!!!
i already have an snow leopard Retail DVD and Nawcom Boot CD but i just want to know it it will work or if i need an other distribution and what kext i should need.

please help me i really want this rig to work!!!

hope you can help me out!