Hi, Ive been trying to successfully get snow leopard running on my HP G62-134Ca for a week or so noww, with little success. First I tried the SL 10.6.2 by Hazard, which never got past the installation phase (I ccustomized the drivers and stuff, and it crashed 75% of the way into the actual insatallation). Then I tried This, which failed similarly, saying the installation failed about 75% of the way to completion and that I should restart and try again(By the way the method is a retaiil disk and Empire EFI).

Can anyone reccomend a better method for my laptop? Or is a hackintosh even possible on this laptop? Thanks for thew inputt

My Specs: Product Specifications HP G62-134CA Notebook PC - HP Customer Care (Canada - English)

I'll try and see If I can find more useful specs, just let me know which specs you need and Ill post them.