Wassup. So i installed Hazard's 10.6.6i on my VAIO, works GREAT, wow Mac is such a good OS. Love it. But my "issue" is that i need the Hazard disc that i burned to boot. If i dont have the boot in the DVD drive i get a error that says "boot: error 1" When i have the disc in the drive it shows a thing that loads he dvd and if a press F8 i get to the chameleon boot loader where i can boot WIN 7 and OSX.
Does any smart people here know how i can boot without the disc? Any help is appreciated!
Another issue i have is WiFi not working on my Intel 3945. That iv'e heard is a driver thing so thats being worked on by developers, right?
Well anyways, hope you will have a way to boot without disc for me thanks!!