Hi guys, I'm new here and I have a few questions I must ask you.
First of all I own a toshiba satellite L300, and I would like to install OSX Snow Leopard on it in another partition. The problem is, I have already installed windows 8 consumer preview, but (don't ask me how) unfortunately I installed it in the same partition as windows 7! Now I don't know how to delete it since I don't understand how this could be possible...
However, can I try to install OSX in dual boot with these 2 OS? Maybe I'm asking a stupid thing because, in case you didn't know, it looks like to me that windows 8 comes with a new boot loader (I mean the screen in which you choose if start windows 7 or 8).
Now what I wanted to know is: can I try to run OSX snow leopard on my notebook? Can I do this without deleting windows 7? Will it have problems with the new windows 8 boot loader, and, in that case, how can I delete windows 8 if it is on the same partition as 7? I would really like some links to guides that I can follow on my own, without bothering you much xD.
Sorry if my post is too long, but I got a lot of questions because it's my first time trying to install hackintosh >>