Hi all, relative noob here.

For four months now I've been running snow leo 10.6.1 on an eeepc 1005HA, installed using this tutorial: Lenovo IdeaPad S Series Forum • View topic - Asus 1008HA with Snow Leopard Fresh Installation (Updated)

In my experience the system has a 50/50 chance of freezing up when an external monitor (extended desktop) is attached; one has to then manually reboot the netbook before trying to attach the monitor again.
However, today when I attached an external monitor and the system froze, after booting the system now displays an infinite light-blue screen/pinwheel/dark-blue screen loop.

I've tried booting with -x, -f, -v, -s.
Nothing found using /sbin/fsck -y.
No discernible problems..the gray apple screen loads, but then the blue screen/pinwheel loop follows. It seems that the system keeps 'refreshing' the internal display.

Could any kexts have been affected somehow?

I'm not sure how next to proceed. Any help would be much appreciated.