So, I have been away from this for about a year, but I need some help. I had a Mac mini that blew a ram slot and system fan. Now, I'm looking to use my current system as a dual boot Windows 7 and Snow Leopard. I just don't know where to start with my current hardware and Snow Leopard.

This is what I've got. I know that its not blazing or anything but its all I got.

Core 2 Quad Q6600
4 gbs ram
CPU Z says that my mobo is Model Benicia with intel chipset P35/G33/G31, Southbridge ICH9R, network card Realtek RTL8168C(P)/8111C(P)
Nvidia GeForce 8500GT GPU G86 256 mb

I do have a Snow Leopard OEM disk. Any help would be great.